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RV Rental Frequently Asked Questions

Is an RV hard to drive?
RV's are not hard to drive, just different. We'll help you understand the different characteristics of the RV that you will be renting and how to handle them.

Who do I call if I have questions after we've left on our trip?
You can call Coach-net at 1-877-801-0333. They can answer any questions you may have related to the operating systems of the RV.

What happens if the RV breaks down?
You will call Coach-net, a free RV roadside assistance program. Flat tires, dead battery, whatever--all you need do is call them at 1-877-801-0333. You will receive a card with information on how to reach them at time of delivery.

How do I obtain insurance coverage?
There are two (2) ways to obtain insurance coverage for your RV rental: (1) Have your insurance company submit a binder listing Scenic View RV, LLC as the owner of the RV and yourself as a renter.

What's the $1000.00 security deposit for?
Your $1000.00 security deposit covers any damages to the RV, as well as extra charges that may be incurred, such as cleaning, sewage evacuation, fuel charges, etc., during your rental. It also covers your deductible in the event of an accident.

What if I decide to cancel my reservation?
If you decide to cancel your reservation, your reservation fee will only be refunded up to two (2) weeks prior to your scheduled pickup date. We maintain a waiting list, especially during peak seasons so please call as soon possible.

Are there additional charges for numbers of people?
There are no additional charges for more people. However there is a limited number of seating positions that offer seatbelts.

When do I get my deposit back? 
You will get your deposit back within 30 days of return date. Any damages or other post rental charges will be noted and deducted from deposit.

Are pets allowed?
Sorry! No pets are allowed

Can I tow another vehicle?
With a Motor Home rental you can tow a trailer or another vehicle by means of tow dolly. *Weight restrictions apply. (Nominal charges may apply.)

What are the sizes of the fuel tanks?
The fuel tank on the Class A is about 75 gallons, while the Class C is about 55 gallons. Both models have a 20 gallon LPG tank.